Your school in your country helping to sponsor a shanty school in our country.
Right Now We are the Main Lifeline millions of children have to EDUCATION. SUPPORT A SHANTY SCHOOL
On behalf of some of the poorest children in Latin America we heartily thank the following schools for helping to sponsor our shanty schools, at which we offer deprived children literacy and the chance to start a proper education.
Glasgow, Scotland
Student-to-student project
Trujillo. Peru
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Help sponsor one school
Huanchaco. Peru
2007 - 8
Southampton, UK
Cartons & Cartons of
high quality Pencils
For all our
Shanty Schools
Throughout Peru
Elstree, Hertfordshire, UK
Sponsor new school
for a year
lapradrera/Culpon combined schools
Chiclayo, Peru
2006 -7
Madrid, Spain
Annual Fundraiser
Shanty Schools
Trujillo, Peru
2005 - 11
Telford, Shropshire, UK
Annual support for some of our students & family.
Trujillo, Peru
Street children need  help
Street kids,
..........They come to us
..........as they are;
we make of them
..........what they let us
Abandoned Kids Brazil is part of a successful network of children's Educational Centres
they crave love, need direction.ready for school.
Street Kids 2012 - Time to re-examine our approach to helping street children and the families they come from.

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